Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog House

So I wanted to make a dog house, but I wanted it to be pretty cool. Problem: That requires power tools. Solution: A trip home to mom & dad's house. I have worked and built things with my dad since I was tiny, I actually have a picture of myself riding on my dad's shoulders while he was tilling the garden. Haha. This project is different because I learned so many useful skills during this project. Example: Why you build things to certain specifications because of the sizes lumber comes in. It was awesome!

This was my inspiration dog house. Unfortunately the extra small is $1000 and the extra large is $1600, putting it WAY outside of my price range.
Beginning of the design and explanation of lumber sizes.

Cutting out the pieces.

Putting pieces together. Not gonna play, it took a while to get to this point, but if I added pictures of every step we would be scrolling for a while. The roof is made out of a sheet of fiber glass, because it wouldn't be a project built by my dad if it wasn't a wee bit overkill (I love you daddy :) )

Then we took it all apart so that I could fit it into my car to get it back to Denton.

Painted and all put back together. Added some slats to hold up the herb pots. Notice far right: power drill. I seriously shook with excitement when my parents gave this to me. About as much when I got my sewing machine.

Larry came out to check out the handiwork. It took him about a week to actually get into it without my prompting, but he really likes it now. I also finally got around to planting herbs up top. It is now complete.

Introducing Larry!

I adopted Larry about 2 weeks ago. He's adorable and i'm completely in love with him, so I thought it would be appropriate to let him say hello...

The dog on the left is my first dog Kandi, who has now turned into my parents dog. We all shared a little cuddle time while I furiously studied history.

The grass is so stinkin' green at my parents house. I wish we could grow St. Augustine in Denton.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looking forward to summer....

Starting my new job and having to re-think what I wear almost every single day. Hoping to pull off some classic looks like these.

Hanging out with my latest addition to the family, Larry :)
Best dog a girl could ever ask for.

Summer cooking via my favorite food/recipe blogs:
Closet Cooking

Watching my little garden grow....(it's already 2 times this size)

Working on more building projects with great friends. The next thing on my list is a dog house.

Turning this row of mis-matched warriors into a family that might sit around a dining table some day.
The smells of summer, both the good and the ones that are just nostalgic, like when someone has just mowed over a patch of wild onions.

Last but not least: Graduating!
I'm probably more nervous than excited, considering I just threw my highschool hat in the air 3 years ago. But on the less nerve racking and more exciting side, there will be a graduation party, featuring fried fish, hush puppies, and key lime pies. Yes, please!!

Happy Summer Everyone!