Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hot Diggity Dog House

So I wanted to make a dog house, but I wanted it to be pretty cool. Problem: That requires power tools. Solution: A trip home to mom & dad's house. I have worked and built things with my dad since I was tiny, I actually have a picture of myself riding on my dad's shoulders while he was tilling the garden. Haha. This project is different because I learned so many useful skills during this project. Example: Why you build things to certain specifications because of the sizes lumber comes in. It was awesome!

This was my inspiration dog house. Unfortunately the extra small is $1000 and the extra large is $1600, putting it WAY outside of my price range.
Beginning of the design and explanation of lumber sizes.

Cutting out the pieces.

Putting pieces together. Not gonna play, it took a while to get to this point, but if I added pictures of every step we would be scrolling for a while. The roof is made out of a sheet of fiber glass, because it wouldn't be a project built by my dad if it wasn't a wee bit overkill (I love you daddy :) )

Then we took it all apart so that I could fit it into my car to get it back to Denton.

Painted and all put back together. Added some slats to hold up the herb pots. Notice far right: power drill. I seriously shook with excitement when my parents gave this to me. About as much when I got my sewing machine.

Larry came out to check out the handiwork. It took him about a week to actually get into it without my prompting, but he really likes it now. I also finally got around to planting herbs up top. It is now complete.