Monday, June 14, 2010


The past few weeks have been ridiculous, sorry for the dead air. I started my full time internship last Monday, which has been really awesome and equally exhausting. I'm hoping at some point my body will get a little more used to working full time so that I can manage more than working, sleeping, and soaking my feet in epson salt. Standing for 8 hours a day really takes a toll on your feet. Does anyone have any solutions for shoes?
I'm most excited about bringing home this sweet baby on Thursday morning. I've wanted one for quite a while, and with my discount at work and an upcoming associate shop day I just can't resist. Or, maybe it would be more accurate to say, I won't resist. Thursday is going to be the ultimate baking madness.

In the next 4 weeks I am finishing up my LAST class at school. I can't believe it!

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denisie power said...

OH man... if this opportunity ever arises again, what could i do to bribe you to hook a sista up with that discount?! lol. I actually posted a pic of that same machine on our blog some months ago. :) haha. It's one of the few things I was extremely disappointed to not get off of our wedding registry. :)