Friday, February 5, 2010

Peanut Butter Jelly Time

Thursday is my last day of class for each week, so I always get home a little antsy and ready to clean and bake something. Which is perfect since my homegroup meets on Thursday nights so I always have an audience to feed whatever i've baked to.

This week I was not in the mood for a trip to the store because of the weather and the time, so I started searching for any baked goods that I could make with the ingredients I already had on hand. I came across these cupcakes from Martha Stewart:

Peanut butter cupcakes with peanut butter and jelly frosting!

Oh delight! I'm really not sure what the fascination is that we have with the most simple ingredients between 2 pieces of bread, or rolled in tortilla, or whatever your style is....but it's so fantastic, even when in a delightful little piece of cake.

While on the subject of peanut butter and jelly, I also found this completely useless but very fun little kitchen gadget. When you think about it, it makes as much sense as any other kitchen gadget that accomplishes the same thing as something else in the kitchen. Well at least in my mind it does.

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