Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Idea

In the past I haven't really been the biggest on Valentine's be honest I've never even been taken on a Valentine's date. But, I thought I would share a few cute ideas i've run across for DIY projects for your loved ones.

Make your own word search or crossword puzzle here.
Wouldn't it be fun to put in words that have things to do with your relationship? Or just to tell a friend or roommate how much you love them.

(via real simple)

Or, check out this idea for making a cute personal card for your loved one. I know this idea is for children, but do this with your own phrase and pictures and you'll have a winner.

(via Martha Stewart)

As for me, this week is a complete doozy. So, all of my Valentine's Day crafting is going to take place Friday & Saturday. Promise to get a post up with pictures of the results.

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