Sunday, May 9, 2010

Looking forward to summer....

Starting my new job and having to re-think what I wear almost every single day. Hoping to pull off some classic looks like these.

Hanging out with my latest addition to the family, Larry :)
Best dog a girl could ever ask for.

Summer cooking via my favorite food/recipe blogs:
Closet Cooking

Watching my little garden grow....(it's already 2 times this size)

Working on more building projects with great friends. The next thing on my list is a dog house.

Turning this row of mis-matched warriors into a family that might sit around a dining table some day.
The smells of summer, both the good and the ones that are just nostalgic, like when someone has just mowed over a patch of wild onions.

Last but not least: Graduating!
I'm probably more nervous than excited, considering I just threw my highschool hat in the air 3 years ago. But on the less nerve racking and more exciting side, there will be a graduation party, featuring fried fish, hush puppies, and key lime pies. Yes, please!!

Happy Summer Everyone!


{molly beth} said...

you are so delightful... just like your blog. i love you! i enjoyed reading this post.

Fort & Field said...

So where did you end up getting a job??

taylornpratt said...

I will be interning at Kohl's!!

Fort & Field said...

That sounds good!